2017 Silent Auction Donation Form

Please use one form per unique donation. For multiple donations, fill out contact information and photocopy.
If you are an artist, a business, or a restaurant and would like to include a short biography, reviews, or any other information that would be helpful to promote your products and services, please send them to the email address below. We will use them in either the display, description, on our website, or on our app when promoting your product, restaurant, or gallery.

On behalf of Halloween New Orleans, the staff and residents of Project Lazarus we thank you for your support and consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please join in donating to our silent auction
Donation Information 

The information in this section is how you and your donation will be listed at the auction, in the auction program and on the web (if you choose).

Items must be delivered by Monday, August 7, 2017 for inclusion in the auction.
**Items will NOT be accepted after this date.

For inclusion on halloweenneworleans.com, items MUST be received by Monday, September 31, 2017.

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We want you to really sell your donation and show what it's worth - not only for Project Lazarus, but to market YOU.
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Option A: If you would rather mail it, we appreciate it! The address is below. 
Option B: I'll bring it to Project Lazarus (or have someone do it for me)
Option C: Please come pick my donation up at the address listed in this form.
Option D: Other. Describe below.

If you or someone you know will drop your donation off at Project Lazarus, please give us a heads up by letting us know when to expect you. (Ex. Thurs, Aug 3 sometime early morning) Type N/A if you chose a different method of delivery. *

Project Lazarus
Attn: Lily Hannigan
2824 Dauphine St.
New Orleans, La 70117
Project Lazarus Main Line: (504) 949-3609

Questions? Please reach out to: 
Lily Hannigan, Volunteer Coordinator and Head of Development @Project Lazarus 
(917) 922-7139 | lhannigan@projectlazarus.net 

If you would like for us to call you and arrange for pickup, please give us your preferred time/day of pickup and enter your address on the following question. Type N/A if you chose a different method of delivery.

If you have questions, concerns, or want to arrange this on your own, please reach out to:

Lily Hannigan, Volunteer Coordinator and Head of Development @Project Lazarus 
(917) 922-7139 | lhannigan@projectlazarus.net 

Khalil Bou‐Mikael, Event Chairman, The Lazarus Ball
(504) 481‐0225 | lazarus.ball@gmail.com

Marcus Gandy, Event Chairman, The Lazarus Ball
(504) 444-1411 | markcgandy@gmail.com
What is your current address? *

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The Lazarus Ball is a benefit for Project Lazarus put on by the Committee of Halloween New Orleans, Inc.

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And for the sake of our late and beloved Donna Summers (RIP), be sure to come back for the main event, HNO Disco - October 20-22!

If you have any questions, please reach out to: 
Lily Hannigan (917) 922-7139 | lhannigan@projectlazarus.net 
--Volunteer Coordinator and Head of Development @Project Lazarus

Khalil Bou‐Mikael (504) 481‐0225 | lazarus.ball@gmail.com
--Event Chairman, The Lazarus Ball

Marcus Gandy (504) 444-1411 | markcgandy@gmail.com 
--Event Chairman, The Lazarus Ball

to ALL of our past donors and new donors! 

Your continued support over the past 34 years, allows Project Lazarus to succeed in its mission of enabling residents to have a sense of belonging and enjoy a longer, richer life.

Best Wishes and Get Ready to get FUNKY.

Dustin Woehrmann

President, Halloween New Orleans Executive Committee
the entire HNO family.
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